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Région vinicole  terra del vino 
The Wine-Growing Region

Where wine is grown people know how to enjoy life. Wine-growing in Gengenbach has a long tradition. The mild climate, the protected vineyards, and the many hours of sunshine are the basis for the production of outstanding wines.Over one thousand years ago, Benedictine monks planted the first vines. Until today, high quality wines are grown here: classy Riesling, fruity Müller-Thurgau, full-bodied Grauburgunder, aromatic Weißherbst, delightful Spätburgunder red etc.
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Would like to know more about wine-growing in Gengenbach? Wander along the wine trail, either by yourself or with an experienced guide.

Vineyards around St. Jacob’s Chapel

By the way: every year during the grape harvest, Kultur- und Tourismus GmbH offers a very special holiday package.The Bacchus Wine Days take place from 17 to 21 September 2008.

Gengenbacher Winzergenossenschaft (Vintners’ Co-op)
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vine-growing estate Huber
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