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Walking Tour

La tour du portail supérieur  La torre della porta superiore 

 10. The Tower of the Upper Gate

Houses rebuilt after the town’s fire were built with the rear to the town walls. We can see this clearly up to the upper gate’s tower, also called the Haigeracher Torturm. This tower, the most important gate in the town, crowns the unusual townscape. The tower is a worthy conclusion to the funnel-shaped line of the fronts of the houses leading up to it. This is one of the town’s two watchtowers which still sports a paled gate weighing two tons. After 1689, the four-sided tower received its eight-sided top.
We see a solar clock and the Gengenbach’s coat of arms from the year 1618 on the side facing toward the town. The town opens up from the Obertorturm as if it were welcoming us with open arms.

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