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La maison de Scheffel  Casa Scheffel 

 15. The Scheffel House

The powerful Scheffel House stands in the Höllengasse. It got its name from its owner, as the plaque next to the door informs us. Magnus Scheffel lived here. He was the last overseer of the kingdom’s abbey and was the grandfather of poet Viktor von Scheffel. The poet visited his grandfather here often. Among his friends from Gengenbach were the later Director of the Karlsruhe Art Academy, the painter Hermann Götz and the musician and composer Carl Isenmann. Isenmann and Scheffel worked together a lot. Most are not familiar with their work, which includes Alt Heidelberg du Feine, Im schwarzen Walfisch zu Askalon and the student song O alte Burschenherrlichkeit or Gaudeamus igitur. Scheffel’s most-sung song is O Schwarzwald o Heimat (O Black Forest o Homeland). Scheffel is known as a text writer, but Isenmann rarely signed his compositions with his name. The originals still exist.

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