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Les maison à colombages  Il vicolo degli Angeli 

 12. Angel Alley

We are now entering a district of the old city that still exudes the cheerfulness of its former inhabitants. The taste and skill of the master craftsmen is always admired. We are standing in a half-timbered paradise alluded to in the names of the streets: Engelgasse (Angel Alley) and Höllengasse (Hell Alley). We find a closed half-timbered façade characterised by the overhang that allowed for a larger living space in the upper floor. Also allow us to point out that wine growing was already considerable in that time. All the houses have their own wine cellars with an open entrance from the street.
The half-timbered architecture is a simple technique, but its great variety belies its romantic world of feelings and moods. The decorative playing with forms still adorns the houses and underscores the incomparable expressive power of Gengenbach’s half-timbered buildings.

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