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L'Abbaye  L' Abazia 

 7. The Abbey

We’re now standing in front of the spacious cloister of the Benedictine monks, built by the holy Pirmin around 725 A.D. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the medieval convent buildings. The baroque building was to be built directly on the basilica by master builder Franz Beer. An abbot who loved art, Benedikt Rischer, had a portal built in the middle of the western wing in the mid-18th Century. Through this portal is a direct entrance into the charming pure Rococo-style staircase. The abbey became known in the entire southwestern part of Germany thanks to its renowned cloister school. The mathematics professor Pater Coelestin Quintens invented the decimal scale in this school. There’s a solar clock dedicated to Quintens next to the cloister mill, which has been replaced by a replica. The representative building complex is now home to a satellite campus of the post-secondary school of Offenburg. An extensive renovation was carried out from 1982 to 1985. The Baroque garden in the inner courtyard, also newly formed, is very beautiful.

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