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The Charm of Centuries

In a TV documentary, Gengenbach with its lovely half-timbered houses, was once called a “pearl among the Black Forest towns” and our visitors speak of a romantic gem, of Nice of Baden. Travellers approaching Gengenbach are greeted from afar by the church- and watchtowers that invite them into the historical town centre, where narrow alleys lead them to picturesque corners. On the market square, the stone knight on top of the fountain bids us welcome. He is a sign of the pride and the self-confidence of the former free imperial town, just as the over 200 year-old town-hall. The impressive building and the uncountable romantic half-timbered houses dominate the image of the town.

Our virtual tour through Gengenbach will give you a first impression.

romantic lane-ways

delightful details

Night Watchman’s Beat
through the Old Town

Four museums
in the Old Town

map of the Old Town